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Finally - A Public Records Resource That Gives You More!

Find Exclusive, Hard-to-find Information On Anyone - Instantly

Is your spouse cheating on you? How well do you know your child care provider or babysitter? Does your home contractor have a criminal record you should know about? Net Detective can help in ways no other online public records resource can. Now, you can stay in complete control of your business and personal relationships.

Discover the service everyone's been talking about. Net Detective is a completely new way to find both widely available and exclusive information on anyone! Plus, it's safe, fast, affordable and confidential.

    Just $ 0.08 per day gives you instant, unlimited access to:
  • Personal background records - Find current and previous names, addresses and vital records
  • Historical property records - Locate property ownership records across the nation
  • Phone numbers - Get listed and unlisted phone numbers (including mobile and VoIP lines)
  • Criminal records - Find out details on anyone's criminal past
  • Asset Records - What's he worth? Is she telling you the truth? Find out, today
  • Civil judgments, bankruptcies and liens - Uncover their complete credit picture
  • Civil records - Find in depth birth, death, marriage and divorce information
  • Plus so much more

Reunite with that long-lost friend or family member. Get the answers you need in just a few keystrokes - right now! No waiting, no lengthy researching, no hassles and no questions asked.

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Fresh, Exclusive Information At Your Fingertips - All Year Long

Net Detective is different than any other online background resource you've ever used because we derive our information from a proprietary, in-house database. This means you not only find the information available in other popular public record searches, but you also find exclusive information. It would take days, if not months, of dedicated research to gather the wealth of information available on Net Detective in mere seconds.

Plus, Net Detective is so affordable! Compare our low, one-time fee (which includes unlimited search capability) to other resources that are much more expensive. Consider the time it would take you to conduct this research yourself, if you could even find it. At Net Detective, you pay just $0.08 per day. Our proprietary database is a product of more than seven years of dedicated research and industry expertise. Net Detective includes information frequently overlooked by even the stealthiest detective.

The Best Information Out There - Period

An old idea - perfected. Join more than 843,000 satisfied users accessing background information, family histories, criminal records and so much more. At Net Detective, we provide the absolute best and most comprehensive information available. Net Detective was built by professionals who have extensive technical, Internet and investigative expertise. We were tired of looking through multiple resources only to find duplicate and irrelevant information. We were sick of paying for multiple subscriptions just to find a comprehensive personal profile. We couldn't afford gaps or holes in our information. Net Detective solves all of these problems and more!

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Discover Powerful Ways To Protect Yourself and Your Personal Information!

Net Detective is more than a background directory. We also give you tips and strategies to protect your own privacy. Find out ways you can cloak your email address so you aren't discovered. Learn ways to make private phone calls without appearing on your phone bill. Learn strategies you can use to open untraceable asset protection or anonymous bank accounts!

"Thank you so much! That worked great and I was us up and running in, literally, less than three minutes from reading your email message. Great software, but even better customer service. You are to be commended! I like the look of the new Net Detective software and will recommend it to others."

Jim Czech
Anchorage, AK

"I just wanted to let you know of my dealing with Net Detective. I have been trying to locate my family since 1981, and found a lot of brick walls. I was given very limited information from the adoption office in Lansing, MI. I was given a name of a sister and birthday. I bought Net Detective and used it. In a matter of 30 mins, I found my sister after 41 YEARS!!!! I called the number and she answered the phone. I then found out I had a total of 4 brothers and 4 sisters. You will never know how much this has helped me. It is a great product."

Keith Wallace
Lynn, MA